June 3, 2016 Scale Update

It looks like (perhaps) we have reached the peak point for crawler emergence … right smack in the middle of bloom.  Great.  This graph is pretty busy, but Basically, the red line is the % adults out there that had live crawlers in them … it looks like that number has leveled off in our control (untreated) sites that we’re using for a baseline.  The number of live scale per upright has decreased a bit as well (blue bars), which makes me wonder if perhaps last week or so was the peak emergence time, and the adults are dying off after releasing their eggs. 

This second graph might be more helpful.  It shows that we probably peaked with our crawler emergence last week in untreated plots … hindsight is a great thing, isn’t it?  Hard to know you’ve maxed out when you need the next week’s information to find out what the actual trend is.  

But if you look at the average number of crawlers per upright in the diazinon treated plots (red bars), you’ll see that we’re just breaking out of zero.  If an additional application of diaz is part of your plan, wait until the numbers grow.  

Always remember to read and follow the label when applying any pesticide!  Use extra caution in applying anything now considering we're right in the middle of bloom.  We don't want any unnecessary accidents.